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Our Manufacturing Process of Fraîcheur Paris Ice Globes

– Cruelty-free, vegan – Handmade

A New Invention at Beauty Industry

The founder, Ingrida, dove deep into the beauty manufacturing industry, researching raw materials, meeting with suppliers, testing, testing, re-testing, and traveling to far ends of the earth as a lone woman entrepreneur.

After nearly a year and a half, she succeeded to create a product that met the highest standards of quality, sophistication, and elegance. As the first product in the market to utilize anti-freeze liquid, Fraîcheur ice globes - unlike other similar products- didn’t shatter in the freezer.

By utilizing a customized manufacturing process with touch points across the globe, including manufacturing centers in Asia and the EU, Fraîcheur has served as a pioneer in the industry. Currently, the ice globes come in ten custom colors. In the summer of 2019, Fraîcheur introduced the world’s first and only glitter ice globes to the market.

Fraîcheur was born. But the story had just begun.

What is now recognized as Fraîcheur’s iconic packaging was updated three times, ensuring that the sophistication of the brand matched the sophistication of the ice globes themselves.

Iconic Fraîcheur Ice Globes Are Being Copied

With a great success come many companies who try to copy our ice globes. It breaks our hearts to see customers getting hurt by counterfeit products. We always urge people to do in-depth research on the products that they intend to buy.

There are many dangers of purchasing counterfeit products, especially so with skincare/cosmetics. The sole purpose of counterfeit rings are to produce low quality products, with cheap and often harmful ingredients. Ingredients which have been found to contain lead, bacteria, arsenic, mercury, and cause chemical burns with severe reactions.

Fraîcheur Ice Globes

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Our Cosmetic Products

– Cruelty-free, vegan – Alcohol-free – Fragrance & essentialoil-free – Made in France

Science-based formulations

Our aim is to create the highest quality products by only working with the highest quality suppliers.

All our products active ingredients create positive and noticeable changes in the appearance of your skin.