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10 Reasons Why Cold Face Therapy Is a Game Changer

A glowing face can guarantee a happy and bright day. When you step outside the shower with a natural, youthful glow, your skin announces your confidence. Unfortunately, given the pollution and long working hours, your facial skin could become inflamed. Cosmetics can also irritate the skin and cause redness and swellings.

Is there one way to get rid of all your skin troubles without spending a fortune? Do you want to know how to calm down irritated skin on your face? Look no further. We will tell you a straightforward solution to all your skin troubles.

All you need is a little icy-touch!

Cold face therapy- a revolution in skincare

Weather changes, pollution, and skincare products could cause the skin to become dull over time. As the skin’s natural pores are closed by pollutants, it forgets to breathe. Your everyday skincare routine isn’t useful in giving you back that plump and youthful appearance.

Along comes Cold Face Therapy with Fraicheur ice globes- a simple but very innovative solution to making your skin glow from inside. This unique therapy depends on ice globes that give a cold and soothing touch to your skin. It feels rejuvenated from within by relieving tension and reducing irritation and inflammations. You need to rub the icy cold globes on your face in a circular motion and watch your skin become more youthful every day.

Here are ten reasons why cold face therapy is a game-changer in beauty and skincare.

Improve Blood Circulation

If your skin is dull and looks tired, you may have tried to exfoliate the trouble away. A daily scrub does wonders for your skin, but it is not very useful for your facial circulation. To increase blood circulation in the face, you need something more powerful. Cold face therapy ensures that your facial skin receives more blood circulation. You are eventually stimulating the blood vessels to bring more nutrients to your face, giving it a naturally plump and youthful appearance.

Reduce inflammation

Puffiness, inflammation, or swelling on the face could appear because of various reasons. Whether you had to wear makeup for too long or had allergies to a product, inflammation on facial skin is not too easy to get rid of. The simplest solution to this issue is cold face therapy. Start rubbing ice globes all over your skin and watch inflammation reduce. Athletes, in case of minor injuries, apply the same technique. An ice globe can work as a cold pack for your skin.

Reduce morning puffiness

Had too much to drink last night? Did you sleep late or worked extra hours for that critical presentation? Do you have fluid retention issues? Morning puffiness can damage your confidence right when your day begins. The swollen skin can react negatively to skincare products too. Using cold face therapy can get rid of the puffiness instantly and keeps you looking fresh.

A healthy alternative to Botox

Botox is one of the most trusted solutions in the beauty industry to keep the skin looking young and plump. The invasive procedure has its side effects and demands regular upkeep, which becomes very expensive over time. Using cold face therapy could help you recover your skin’s youthful appearance without undergoing an invasive procedure. A few minutes of ice globe face massage every day will be enough to keep your skin healthier for longer.

Look younger

Young skin is plump and looks refreshed as It does not have lines and sagginess. Older skin is dry, sags, and has numerous deep and fine lines. With cold face therapy, you can tighten your skin without surgery. Massage the ice globes on your face every day and see reduced signs of aging.

Tighten neck skin

While many skincare products claim to provide anti-aging benefits, they don’t work well for your neck. Sagging skin on the neck and wrinkles could easily give away your age, even if your facial skin looks taut and bright. Cold face therapy works like a miracle to tighten skin neck.

Not only will you be able to tighten the skin around your neck, but also under and around your eyes and lips. The visible signs of aging will go away with regular use.

Reduce redness after hair removal

Regardless of the hair removal method you use- whether waxing, threading, or epilation, you expect a little redness on the face. Hair removal usually shocks the skin, leaving it red and even irritated. Using ice globes is the best way to reduce skin redness. Gently massage the Fraicheur ice globes around your chin, eyebrows, and jawline to soothe the skin and remove redness. It will also help in keeping skin tight and reduce the size of open pores.

Reduce migraine headache

Migraine headaches can severely limit your ability to function normally. Rubbing ice globes on your forehead, temples, and face can control migraine. If you want to know how to manage a migraine headache naturally, you must look for cold face therapy. Its cooling and soothing effect can also get rid of migraine headaches induced by birth control. You can cure migraine without pills by using the ice globe therapy.

All season skincare routine

Whether you want to reduce breakouts in the summer or reduce skin redness in winter, cold face therapy will be your go-to skincare routine. A daily massage will protect against dryness, close open pores, bring back tightness to the skin, and reduce any redness, swellings, or irritations from your face. As the massage helps increase blood circulation in the beginning, you get a brighter complexion too.

No-fuss face gym

Exercising your facial muscles can help in increasing your beauty over the years. Regular face gym exercises sucking your cheeks in for a few seconds and moving your jaw around can stimulate the muscles on your face to improve mobility and stay in good shape. With cold face therapy, you can get a no-fuss face gym experience. Move the Fraicheur ice globes around your face in circular and straight strokes and alternate the pressure to give your facial muscles the exercise they need. Healthier muscles also aid in improving blood circulation, which makes you look more beautiful and younger.

Maintaining the quality of your skin is not easy. As we age and expose ourselves to more pollution, UV rays, blue light, and stress, our face starts becoming dull, and our skin becomes lifeless. Constant weather changes also lead to several issues with the skin. Your stressors can often combine to make you age faster and deteriorate the quality of your skin.

The good news is that right skincare solution with a multi-pronged approach to maintaining healthy skin can help in reversing damage considerably. If you believe in natural, non-invasive, and at-home skincare solutions that give you skin spa-like treatment at a fraction of the cost, cold face therapy is for you. Try it today and get ready to receive compliments.