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Are Ice Globes the Answer to your Skincare Prayer?

Have you tried this? It's such a simple solution that it's difficult to not be curious about what it would do to indulge in the ice globe concept. There is heaps of evidence out there about how good it is, and some reviewers swear that it cannot only make your complexion rosy and healthy, but it can change the contour of your face. 

If you experience a hot clime for any time in the year too, it can be just that extra bit indulgent.

How easy is it? All you need is access to a freezer!

Fraîcheur Ice Globes are little magic wands of wonder! They look magical and they actually DO magic. Well, scientifically speaking it can be explained in simple honest terms, but you really just need to try them to get the proof.

The glass wands are filled with a "potion" that will lock in the cold but not expand when frozen. All you have to do is pop them in the freezer (for a minimum of 30 mins) and get your skin routine on!

No matter how you do it, Ice Globes will save your day!

We know your skincare routine can be as individual as you and your lifestyle are, so here are some ideas for how you can incorporate this mystical, icy product into your skincare essentials. Even if you have no routine, this is the one you should start with!

I don't do anything with me skin - yet!

Busy? Tight schedule to keep? Find yourself in the office all the time? Life is just too busy to look after your skin, right? I mean you are flat out getting food sometimes. If this, is you - you NEED some extra self-care! Ice globes not only make your skin look amazing they are really relaxing, and even if you don't have time for a full massage, face mask and facial routine, you can Ice Globe your face anywhere you have access to a freezer, you could keep a set at the office for after that extra-long executive meeting, and at home in the freezer next to the ice-cream!

I cleanse and tone - but that's it!

So - this is the thing - you are doing the basics, but you can get so much more out of it if you add in a ten-minute post-wash Ice Globe routine. After your usual cleanse, grab your globes from the icebox and gently rub them under your eyes, around your forehead and cheekbones, and down your neck and decolletage. This will increase the blood flow to your skin and give you a beautiful glow, it will also reduce puffiness and generally encourage your body's natural fight against ageing.

I cleanse, mask, and use all my expensive creams! Do I really need this too?

Short answer - YES! Without even having to add more time to your routine. After you cleanse, while your mask is on, retrieve your icy wands from the freezer and massage your face over the top of the mask. What? Why? You may ask. This is upping the magic scale here because your wands moving over the mask can actually increase its effectiveness by enhancing the uptake of the nutrients to your dermal layers. All the while delivering the circulatory, anti-puff and anti-ageing natural goodness that ice therapy stimulates.

Just do it for the wellness even!

The best thing about this skincare therapy is that it is super calming and can bring so many other benefits to your lifestyle. Taking ten minutes (or more if you dare) out of your schedule to focus on you is always an amazing treatment. Fraîcheur Ice Globes are naturally designed to be a massage tool that can gently lull you into a state of Zen. Adding the coolness can reduce stress and bring that feeling of freshness of body, mind, and spirit. 

How to massage your face with Fraîcheur Ice Globes

Here's a quick easy guide to an Ice Globe facial massage:

  • Move your globes in gentle circular motions, more deep stimulating actions are better for firming your skin.
  • Always massage upwards towards the hairline when diverging from circular stimulation.
  • Massage your forehead five times - you can use your globes to get in between your eyebrows, stroke upwards towards the hairline.
  • Massage your eye area five times, go very gently as the skin around your eyes is delicate. Use very soft movements in a rolling motion.
  • Massage your cheeks five times, swipe your globes from near your nose bridge towards your ears.
  • Massage your chin by placing the globes below your cheekbones and massaging towards your hairline.
  • Massage your neck last by vertically stroking the skin from your collarbone, upward towards your face.