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“Au Revoir”, Morning Puffiness!

At the start of a new day, nothing can deflate your spirit more than morning puffiness. The look of a puffy face and the feeling that you’ve somehow compromised your entire day can leave you disheartened. But instead of greeting yourself in the mirror with resignation, you can choose to elegantly say ‘au revoir’ to morning puffiness.

A thing you should know is that you are not alone in dealing with a puffy face. Even the most appreciated skincare experts in the world have dealt with this dreadful day-ruiner. After all, nobody is immune to fluid retention. 

Luckily, beauticians also tried countless solutions until they came up with a list of the best ways to fight morning puffiness — with grace and determination. 

What’s even more exciting is that this precious knowledge is now at your fingertips. Literally. Here’s how you can wake up with a fresh complexion everyday and forget that you ever even had morning puffiness. 

Treat yourself with coffee or tea

To feel invigorated and ready to reign over the day and the world for that matter start your morning with a cup of coffee or green tea. Both are well-known for their antioxidant properties which will energize your skin and your mood. Plus, the caffeine in both coffee and green tea can help blood vessels to tighten, lowering puffiness.

However, while you can feel free to indulge in second and third tea servings, try to keep your caffeine intake under control. While small quantities can do a great deal of good, too much coffee can also leave you dehydrated and actually amplify your morning puffiness.

Drink plenty of water

Morning puffiness often happens as a result of not drinking enough water. When you’re dehydrated, your cells try to handle the situation by holding onto water. As you rehydrate, cells release their stored water and your face regains its supple appearance. So, if this hasn’t sinked in until now, it’s time to accept that water and beautiful skin are a match made in youthfulness-heaven. 

To make sure you keep the morning puffiness away, drink at least two liters of water daily. While it might seem like a chore at first, the more you sip the more you’ll start to enjoy this liquid elixir of life. 

Exercise and try face yoga

Being sedentary for long periods of time can, without surprise, build up fluid and lead to retention. In this case, the solution for your morning puffiness can be as simple as breaking a sweat and letting the fluid out of your system. If you’ve paid attention so far, you already know that you’ll have to rehydrate as you exercise, otherwise you’ll enter a daunting loop. 

Face yoga is another spectacular way in which you can put your facial blood into motion and eliminate toxins. So, while you’re saying the mantra for the day, don’t forget the asanas for your face.

Explore the countless benefits of ice globes

The beneficial power of ice has been praised by skin experts, beauticians and celebrities even since...forever. And with the dawn of Fraicheur, ice has been dressed in the most luxurious package a pair of elegant ice globes that are an utter pleasure to use.

With the Fraicheur ice globes you can cast your morning puffiness away by enjoying an invigorating, fresh wake-up. Use the ice globes on their own or blend them into your morning facial routine and you’ll see how fast your swelling subsides. The cold temperature causes the blood vessels to constrict and as old blood rushes away, new one arrives, filled with nutrients to make you glow up. 

Adjust your diet

One of the main culprits of a puffy face in the morning is an unbalanced diet. We don’t want to be the ones that take the comfort food from your hands, but nothing tastes as good as great skin feels. So, make sure you eliminate excess salt, fat or alcohol. You can still raise a toast with a fine Chardonnay (or are you more of a Pinot Noir type of person?), but limit your intake to special occasions.

The good news is that there are plenty of delicious foods you’re encouraged to have more of! Fruits, vegetables, healthy omega-3 fatty acids, dark chocolate, turmeric and ginger are boosters for your lovely skin. 

Watch your sleeping hours

If you’ve been treating sleep as a luxury, learn you were absolutely right! But also learn to have more, because the lack of sleep will definitely lead to morning puffiness. When you’re tired, your cells retain water and lack nutrients. So, clear your schedule and indulge in the most opulent sleep-regimen ever!

While you sleep, your body has time to replenish itself and refresh cells with nutrients. Of course, this is not a novelty, because you’ve certainly experienced the extraordinary feeling of waking up well-rested. We’re sure your face looked happy too.

Spoil yourself with a facial at home

There’s no science-based cure for morning puffiness more miraculous than a facial. Wait. There is. An ice globes facial. By incorporating the Fraicheur ice globes into your massage routine, you’ll enjoy double the benefits. While the massage will help fluids regain their low, the cold temperature will increase blood circulation and fight any left inflammation.

You can pamper yourself with a lymphatic massage and start the day anew, body, mind and spirit. If you’re feeling extra glamorous, incorporate a bio-cellulose cooling mask

Good morning to you, goodbye to puffiness!

Facial puffiness is mainly caused by factors you can keep under control: sleep, diet and exercise can do miracles for your skin and body. However, there are other causes to consider such as hormonal deficiencies and skin allergies that need to be treated with specific products. 

Nonetheless, a refreshing and invigorating ice globes routine will definitely be your best ally in fighting puffiness and inflammation. And it will leave you fully refreshed every single time. So enjoy your new skin regimen and don’t forget to drink your water!