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12 Year Beauty Veteran Reveals Why You Need Globes & Gum in Your Beauty Routine!

Every month we take a peek into the world of our clients. Many of whom have a wealth of untapped experience and insight about beauty and skincare - that we should all know. 

This month we interview Venecia (Instagram @Veneciamua) from Venecia Beauty in Phoenix, Arizona, a 12-year beauty veteran who knows a lot about beauty and business combined.  Sit tight because she's about to reveal all of her secrets to you!

Here's how the interview went down. 


Tell us about yourself, what do you do for work?


I'm Venecia, a 12 year licensed professional in the beauty industry. I currently own and operate my own beauty business, 'Venecia Beauty' in Phoenix, Arizona.

My services include microblading, facials, brow & lash, and makeup services.


How did you get started?


I always knew that I wanted to pursue a career in beauty, so I got right to it! I attended Cosmetology School as soon as I graduated high school.

Before Venecia Beauty, I freelanced as a makeup artist after getting my cosmetology license and a few years later started working at a salon where I stayed for five years.

During that time, I was the Makeup Department Director for 4 of the salon's valley locations. My role involved performing services and educating staff. It was such a great experience to work with the clientele and also to work closely with talented and passionate individuals.

After five years, I became Director at a national beauty franchise in Scottsdale, Arizona. Is where I developed my understanding of business growth and development at this franchise. 


What do you feel is the most surprising aspect of your aesthetician job?


One of the most surprising things that I realized rather quickly in my career is the amount of information and education that comes from client experience.

Because I always invested so much time into education and product knowledge, I expected everybody to do the same. It was fun to experience and understand the value that clients get from having a day to day interactions with their professionals.

Honestly, it's one of my favorite aspects of what I do.

I love sharing and talking about experiences, products, and techniques! I am thrilled when people share new experiences and products with me too.


What are the common myths about skincare?


The most common myths about skincare, in my opinion, are that its

  1. It's too expensive
  2. It's time-consuming.

These two things really get in the way of people taking care of themselves.

But there are wonderful selections of brands and products that will suit anyone's budget.

I also feel that people are putting themselves and their self-care at the bottom of things that need to be taken care of.

Skincare does not need to be a luxury or a chore. It should be a self-care experience.


Why is a skincare routine is so important?


Having a skincare routine is vital because the skin protects our entire body and internal organs. It has such an essential role that maintenance is necessary for its health.

Not only does the skin have day to day aging process, but it also protects our bodies from daily elements like:

  • Pollution
  • Dirt
  • Allergens
  • Weather
  • Environmental particles

These elements are everywhere, and our skin is exposed to them every day.

Cleansing is a big part of cleanliness, and everyone should practice it daily. But protection is also as important. 

Moisturiser and sunscreen are a must!


What are your top 5 favorite skincare products for 2020, and why?


1. Oilixia Kakadu, Gummy Cleanser

It's great for double cleansing, smells amazing and leaves skin soft and clean.

2. Sway, Glow in a Jar Moisturizer

Lightweight moisture for all skin types.

3. Tizo, SPF

Awesome SPF protection and it also works as a great makeup primer!

4. Cannabliss Organics, CBD Lip Treatment Balm

Keeps my lips soft and moisturized and smells heavenly.

5. Fraicheur Ice Globes

It's the final step in my skincare routine before bedtime :) It Helps with inflammation and post extractions.


How did you know about Fraîcheur Ice Globes? What do you think about the ice globes?


I discovered Fraicheur Ice Globes on Instagram, and I am so happy that I did. They really are beautiful, high-quality tools.

My clients love them during their facials, and I am very happy to use them every day in my services. They look and feel luxurious and help soothe and calm down any sign of inflammation and redness.


What do your clients say about the ice-cold facial massage?


"The most beautiful and relaxing experience ever"


Please pass on your most important beauty tip for people who want to have healthy skin.


Cleansing the skin is a must!

The rest of your skincare depends on a clean base. Cleanliness is always the priority.


Do men like facials? Do they care about skincare?


Men love facials!

I have noticed in recent years that the demand from men for facials continues to increase. Men also have questions about how to keep their skin looking great.

I am very happy to see men be more self-aware and take the time for their skin.


Thank you Venecia for a wonderful interview, we appreciate your support and the reminder to focus on taking better care of our skin.


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