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Better Alternatives to Botox Injections and Why Natural Beauty is Timeless

The beauty industry is filled with not-so-beautiful procedures. While some invasive treatments have proven their effectiveness and safety, botox injections ultimately do our skins and self-image a disfavor. 

Over the past few years, society has narrowed down the standards of beauty so drastically, that we have found ourselves dealing with exceptionally unrealistic expectations. Everyday, people's self-worth is shaken by magazines and social media accounts that reinforce unachievable standards of flawless beauty and completely wrinkle-free skin.

The forever-young dream has been force-fed to our society and procedures such as botox injections became accepted standard practice. But could botox injections be aging you? And what are the long-term costs your skin will have to pay in exchange for the illusion of youthfulness? 

In this article, we want to empower you with more knowledge of Botox treatments. At the same time, we want to offer you natural, modern alternatives that celebrate beautiful skin and all its gorgeous imperfections. Let's reclaim the terrain natural beauty has lost and rethink our regimens in such a way that we actually pamper and soothe our skin.

How does Botox work?

The history of botox dates back to the early 1900s, when Clostridium botulinum, a type of bacteria that caused food poisoning, was discovered. 

Fast-forward some tens of years, and the medical community learned that a toxin derived from this bacteria helped calm down overactive muscles. However, even as this realization dawned on them, it still took several years until Botox was approved as a medical treatment and then as a cosmetic procedure.

From the 1980s onward, it became the stars' favourite trick in cheating the process of ageing. A mirage that soon took on over the world, since Botox's filling effect seemed to work wonders for reducing wrinkles. 

But Botox works in a disruptive way, blocking one of the essential responses in your body. In essence, botox stops signals from being transmitted from your nerves to your muscles. It paralyzes them. 

The slightly good news is that since your muscles stop contracting, the injections prevent the appearance of wrinkles. Nowadays, even people in their 20s use them.

The bad news though is that your muscles stop contracting. The induced paralysis also means your muscles will gradually lose their elasticity. Plus, you won't longer be able to express the full range of emotions we human beings are capable of.

The downside of Botox injections

Small doses of botox injections are considered overall safe. What's more, the treatment falls in the non-invasive category, which means most people even swear by it to reduce static and dynamic wrinkles.

However, its effects are only temporary. The wrinkle-erasing effects wear off in as few as three months. Repeat use is needed for the preventive treatment to continue doing its magic. And repeat use comes with a paycheck attached. From $100 up until $500 per session, to be more precise. 

If you use Botox for an extended period, your muscles will become weaker and flatter, meaning that the skin can also appear thinner and looser. As more and more shots of Botox are injected into one's face, the muscles lose their mobility memory. Sure, you have plenty of other muscles in your face except those paralyzed to prevent wrinkles so that you won't have a frozen appearance. But your face will look less mobile, and you'll shift some of those unique features that were once staples of your natural charm. 

Botox indeed offers a fast way to prevent the appearance of wrinkles. Still, it also causes pain, swelling and even bruising at the sight of the injection. For someone keen on treating, pampering and soothing their skin, this is not aligned with the idea of rejuvenation. Caring for your skin should leave you exalted and lighter than before, not bruised and in pain. 

Natural alternatives to Botox

Daily SPF

There is no healthy skin without SPF. Period. Just like Baz Luhrmann predicated in his famous college commencement speech, sunscreen is the only science-proved tip for a happy future. The rest is just pure guessing. Introducing SPF in your skincare routine will prevent premature ageing caused by UV rays, including wrinkles, sagging and age spots. Just like Botox, but without any of the side-effects.

Face exercises

Taking your face to the "gym" is a growing trend that encourages people to tone and relax their face muscles with yoga-like exercises. By exercising your facial muscles, you'll train them to be more elastic and thus resist longer to wrinkled patterns. In addition to building muscle elasticity, face exercises are also a great stress-reliever, and it might just be the perfect way to release tension after a long, hard day. Not quite what you would say about Botox injections. 

Ice globes 

The benefits of ice have been long praised by beauticians, celebrities and everyday skincare heroes. Ice stimulates blood flow, triggers the circulation of fresh nutrients, relieves tension, reduces puffiness and inflammation, combats dark circles and induces an overall sense of calmness. This is if we name a few of the countless benefits. 

By working on so many levels, ice globes will make your skin forget that it has an age. Ice globes, unlike Botox, imply a one time cost and deliver a luxurious spa-like experience anywhere, anytime. These can become a staple of your skincare routine as you can use them daily from the comfort of your own home. 

Facial massages

The ultimate pampering treatment your face can enjoy, facial massages are sublimely relaxing. But their benefits go beyond making you feel like in heaven. By stimulating all facial muscles, lymphatic and drainage massages boost blood circulation and replenish the face with fresh nutrients giving it that glow everybody aches to achieve. 

In the long term, facial massages will help prevent wrinkles, reduce the appearance of chronic conditions such as acne and even relieve sinus pressure. And, if you introduce ice globes to your facial massage ritual, the benefits can make you forget Botox is even an option. 

Cinnamon and Peppermint Oils

Both cinnamon and peppermint oils are natural solutions to having plumper lips. Make a mix of the two essential oils and use a cotton swab to apply it to your lips. You'll feel a tingly, pleasant sensation as blood will rush to your lips to fill them up. Although the solution only lasts for a few hours, it's less-than invasive application method means you can use the trick whenever without any side-effects.

Diet and vitamins

Your skin is as healthy as you are, so diet and vitamin supplements play a vital part in staying forever young. Eating foods that are rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, vitamin E and carotenoids can lead to improved collagen production and can prevent damage from free radicals. And, as you very well know, these are the secrets to everlasting beautiful skin. So grab a bowl of blueberries and enjoy the rest of the article. Or are you more of a strawberry person?

Face creams

Natural serums and plant-based cosmetics can work wonders for your skin, preventing ageing in a sustainable way. From natural oils that are mixed in advanced cream formulations to organic actives from plants such as Spanish lavender extract, Spilanthes flower, sweet chrysanthemum, and summer snowflake bulbs, modern creams can get you a daily dose of similar effects as Botox. 

A timeless toast to natural beauty

Beauty is more than wrinkle-free skin. It’s a mindset, a way of treating, pampering and cherishing your body and face by offering them what they need. Beauty means accepting the passing of time as a gift, not as a burden and wearing your age gracefully.

And, if you soothe and protect your skin with natural treatments, true youthful beauty will show through. Because at the end of a beauty regimen, you should feel invigorated, empowered and grateful to be you, no matter your age!