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Comparing Five Different Facials [Spoiler Alert: Ice Globes Win!]

We explore five facial techniques that are popular, famous or controversial with the ease and non-invasive luxury of a massage using the Fraîcheur Face Ice Globes.

1. Microdermabrasion

Although this method has been around a while and has a devoted following, it’s arguably one of the most brutal of all facials. In the same way that sand is blasted at high intensity to removed baked enamel paints from cars, the same principle is used to literally blast away at the layers of skin on the face. Microdermabrasion gently sands the skin to remove the uneven/thicker outer dermal surface. Sometimes it’s used to treat light scarring, stretch-marks, fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, hyperpigmentation, discolouration and sun damage.

Although some recipients have reported mild discomfort the procedure is pain free and can last a while if your skin condition is good. However, it does take several ongoing sessions to get an optimal effect and is best administered by a beauty expert. It can also be costly and requires trips to the spa or clinic.

2. Microcurrent Facial

Also known as an electric current facial, this method is a term often used to describe a range of treatments that deliver a low electric current through the skin. There are elaborate devices used by aestheticians in salon treatments, but there are also plenty of products on the market promising a DIY home solution. The focus of this method is to train your facial muscles to be more toned and tightened.

Generally considered safe, some people can experience side effects of nausea, fatigue and drowsiness about an hour and a half after treatment that can last anywhere between 4 and 24 hours. It’s also recommended that because an electrical current is involved, that anyone with pacemakers or heart conditions should avoid the procedure. People with severe acne are also advised against as well as pregnant women in their first trimester. You should also not get this procedure until two weeks after using Botox or fillers.

3. Vampire Facial

Also referred to as PRP Treatments (Platelet Rich Plasma) this facial works by aiming to trick the body into a healing and repair process that is said to prevent ageing. Although, this facial has been made famous by glitzy stars, it has a dark side. Like the name suggests, there is blood involved - your blood!

The Vampire Facial is a very elaborate way to rejuvenate the skin as it involves extracting your blood, spinning it in a machine (usually used in pathology labs) to separate the plasma which is then re-injected back into the skin with one or more micro-needles. This is NOT the procedure for you if you have a fear of needles! It’s probably the most invasive of all these facial rituals, and it’s said to be painful! One celebrity who tried it posted photos to their Instagram of their smiling face covered in blood and later said they would not do it again – why? – Because it hurt a lot!

While you will find those that rave about how good the procedure is for their complexion the reality is that it is really expensive, with treatments often costing thousands.

4. Chemical Peels

Chemical peel facials are said to improve the appearance of the skin by basically burning off the top layers of skin to allow a fresh new layer to grow. A chemical preparation is applied to the face and a few days later the skin begins to blister and eventually peel away. The fresh new skin that replaces it is generally smoother and clearer, the longevity of results is dependent upon how “deep” you peel.

During chemical peels most people experience a burning and stinging feeling that can last up to ten minutes at it’s most intense. The stinging can last for a while after the facial and can be eased with cold compresses, if it’s a deeper peel pain medication may also be necessary. It can take a couple of weeks to fully visually recover from a chemical peel facial and sometimes redness can last for months, there is also a risk of hyperpigmentation.

5. Fraîcheur Ice Globe Massage

So, the thing is … there is a lot of evidence that the secret of anti-ageing is actually not all that complicated. Aside from the science of daily skin care, the body is actually a very advanced sentient creature that we can harmoniously interact with if we understand its language, and we know that we can ask it to produce more of the proteins our skin needs to help keep it looking fresher and younger. Fraîcheur Paris understand this language and with our beautiful magic ice globes, your face will thank you for treating it to such an indulgent facial by simply sending your skin the gift of more collagen.

By developing a regular massage pattern that suits your pleasure, use your personal ice wands to gently circulate around the muscles of your face, forehead, ears, neck and décolletage. As the coolness transfers to your skin the pores tighten and release grease and toxins, but also, the capillaries and veins constrict, and the muscles relax. As the cold is withdrawn when the massage is complete, the blood vessels re-open and the rush of new oxidised blood brings good nutrients to the skin’s surface and collagen production is increased.

Fraîcheur Ice Globes are a relaxing and non-invasive facial that has benefits that will rival any of the more expensive and invasive techniques that promise eternal youthfulness. All they need is 30 minutes on ice and all you need is 10 minutes to yourself!