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Cryo your Acne with Fraîcheur Ice Globes and our Cooling Peel Off Mask

Acne is generally a very individual thing. It is completely about the chemical, chromosomal and cultural story that is written into your skin when you are born. If you know ‘acne’ you know that it can flare up at the worst moments, can be painful, and can be the biggest barrier to high self‑esteem. No one day can be the same – but with daily ice therapy, you can create a little less skin chaos!

How does cold therapy help with Acne pain and inflammation?

Cold temperatures will naturally constrict veins and reduce blood flow; therefore, it can lessen inflammation of the skin which can ease pain. Also, cold numbs by reducing nerve activity which can bring instant pain relief.

Can cryotherapy stop pimples from forming?

Think about how oily your skin can get when you are hot and sweaty. Your pores are more open and more oil, or sebum, escapes from pores when your skin is warmer. Dead skin cells mixed with excess sebum creates pimples when the pores become blocked and swollen, add in some bacteria and you’ve got an eruption. By reducing the size of your pores, icing the skin will naturally reduce the amount of oil produced by the skin by closing the pores and squeezing out the toxins. If you have good cleansing routine, add in an ice globe massage to lessen the likelihood of pimples forming even more!

Cooling Firming Peel Off Mask + Ice Globes Massager: your Acne relief formula

Fraîcheur Paris are your skin cryotherapy experts! Not only are our ice globe massage wands cornering the market in innovation for ice application therapies for skin care, but combining a massage with our high-tech Cooling Peel Off Masks are the ultimate in fresh fleshy firming.

The Fraîcheur Cryogenic Cooling Peel Off Face Mask is packed with vitamins and minerals but the active ingredient, Menthol (which coincidentally is an extract of Peppermint), has a cooling affect when applied to the skin and can ease inflammation, redness, and pain by inducing a superficial cold numbness. This deep vasodilation generates improved blood circulation and tissue nutrition.

Follow your peel off mask with an ice globe massage that ultimate cold treatment. It will not only feel amazing, but you will continue to encourage the body’s natural healing and stimulate collagen production for just that while longer. The ice globes will encourage the tightening of the blood vessels that are close to the surface of your complexion, when the routine is finished, the rush of blood that returns when your veins dilate to normal brings with it a hit of new nutrients and helps naturally repair cell damage.

You’ll have the coolest skin routine of the summer!

Ice is a perfect daily routine treatment if you have excessive pimples or suffer from acne. It will not only give you a most soothing and gently therapeutic experience, but it will also reduce redness and inflammation which can ease the stinging and pain. In the process of finding a perfect end of the day freshen-up, you are ensuring you can do the best that you can to improve the elasticity of your complexion, giving it the best chance to bounce back again and again.