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Face Gym: The Active Regimen of Caring for Your Facial Skin

We all agree that if we want a toned body, we need to dedicate a healthy portion of our time to working out. Stressing our muscles and breaking them down, not only makes our bodies stronger but refreshes our blood flow and replenishes us with energy.

How is it then that we neglect to train the very same body part we otherwise pay so much attention to? Our face. 

While the idea of facial exercises might sound a bit peculiar at first, think again. After giving it some thoughtful consideration, you’ll conclude that “face gym” workouts can lead to a more youthful appearance and better-looking skin.

Here’s what facial exercises are all about, how they can benefit your skin, and how they can take you to the heights of relaxation and beyond with the help of ice globes. Just like pro athletes jump into ice baths after workouts, let’s dive right in!

Face Gym: dispelling the mystery

To untrained ears, the phrase “face gym” rings intriguing. What is “face gym” after all? And how can it fit in your face pampering ritual, because it sounds anything but relaxing! 

Well, “face gym” is the equivalent of a classical gym (no weights!), but for your face. It’s designed to tone all 42 facial muscles through a series of exercises that will have you make the most amusing expressions. 

Whether you refer to the practice as face gym, face yoga, face fitness or facial exercises, it generally implies similar movements such as the cheekbone lift, the jaw flex and the brow raiser (don’t raise your brow just now, wait for the workout!). 

In an attempt to awaken even the least used of facial muscles, you’ll need to stretch, pull and even gently stroke your face. If it sounds like a massage, it’s not. It’s a “workout” for your face, and it will feel like such.

Facial exercises are by no means a new concept. In fact, they have a long celebrity-endorsed history. In the 60s, superstar fitness trainer Jack LaLanne popularized the practice as part of his workout routines. In more recent years, even Christiano Ronaldo backed-up the facial fitness trend with a series of exercises that left the whole world with their jaws dropped. 

What a “face gym” workout can do and what it can’t

By stimulating facial muscles, a face gym practice can tighten skin and lead to increased elasticity. And elastic skin can keep the signs of ageing away for longer — we know that to be true. 

Many beauticians recommend face gym as a non-invasive alternative to surgical treatments or invasive procedures. By spending just as little as 15 minutes a day doing facial exercises, you can help renew your blood flow, which means new fresh nutrients will be brought back to your face. After a face gym workout, your complexion will be more radiant and more relaxed just like your body is after thorough training.

Face yoga can bring even more benefits as it puts mindfulness at the core of its practice. It can relieve both physical and mental pressure, promoting an overall state of wellbeing. 

Full disclosure, you must also be aware of the limitations of facial exercises. The face gym practice is not a miracle-worker and doesn’t replace other anti-ageing methods such as sun protection. 

That being said, mind you that it’s not a method to slim down the facial area. There is no such thing as targeted weight loss, and if that is your goal, a holistic diet-whole-body approach is what you should be after.

However, facial exercises are great to release tension and rejuvenate your skin. The benefits are there, you just need to have realistic expectations. And, if you’re looking for a complete facial workout, incorporate ice globes as the grand finale. You’ll thank us later!

Go-to face gym exercises: renew, tone and relax 

You can choose to do your facial exercises whenever you feel the need to unwind. However, we recommend you do them first thing as you wake up. They will fill you up with fresh energy for the day ahead. 

Before you start your face gym workout, make sure you cleanse and tone your face. This way, your skin will be fully prepped to take on even the more challenging facial workout. Once ready, proceed to 15-20 minutes of stimulating exercises. In the end, cool down your face with a pampering ice globes massage. Here are a couple of our favourite moves:

Brow Raiser

Place the index and middle fingers from both hands just above your eyebrows and create resistance as you lift your brows up and down. For an invigorating workout, repeat the movement 10 times and do 5 sets.  This exercise will strengthen the muscles above your brows and help them stay in shape even as the years pile up. 

Jaw Stretch

Pucker your lips to the right side and then turn your neck in the same direction. You should feel a nice stretch in your jaw and neck. Hold for about five seconds and repeat on the other side. Complete around 4 sets with 7-8 repetitions each.

As soon as you return to your idle position, you’ll feel a relaxing wave of relief that will break all tension accumulated during the night. Long term, this exercise is excellent for tightening the skin, building elasticity and relieving stress. 

Cheek Squeeze Plumper

Suck your cheeks in until you form a vacuum. Hold for about 10 seconds and release. Repeat the procedure at least 7-8 times to promote a plumper appearance of your cheeks. By working out this area in particular, you strengthen it and build elasticity.

Giraffe Neck

With your fingers on your collarbone, tilt your head backwards as you pucker your lips. To increase the stretch, move your lower lip upward and tilt your head slightly more backwards and then entirely forward. Repeat this move at least 10 times to firm up the décolletage area. 

Unwind with an ice globes massage

As you complete a great workout, there’s nothing more soothing than an invigorating ice dip — athletes know this best. Follow their lead and finish your face gym workout with a relaxing ice globes massage. That’s what we call an ideal start for a youthful appearance regardless of your age.