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Fraîcheur Ice Globes - Milan Event

Fraîcheur Ice Globes recently featured at a chic event in Milan held by skincare retailer Vivipositivo. 


Vivipositivo is a new 'super cool' skincare retailer that should be on everybody's hit list. The Vivipositivo brand features premium skincare products and recently held a workshop to show off some of their products to several prominent Italian influencers.


We are proud to say that Vivipositivo includes Fraîcheur Ice Globes in their portfolio of brands.


Fraîcheur Ice Globes enjoyed demonstrating how to do an ice-cold facial massage to the influencers, who also had the opportunity to experience the incredible benefits that come from using FraîcheurIce Globes.


To say we were delighted with this opportunity is an understatement. 


Even the exclusive location was awe-inspiring, you'll frequently find brands like Dior, Armani Beauty, Chanel hosting events there. 


Fraicheur Ice Globes stood alongside beautiful products such as; Adama, Anti Pollution 3 in 1 Cleanser Scrub and Mask, ABloom, Organic Night Cream, Dafna's Active Face Mist to provide the perfect premium facial for the influencers attending.  


To see the video Vivipositivo made after the event click here.


If you want to find out more about what the influencers attending the event thought of Fraicheur Ice Globes and any of the other products mentioned, you can check out their profiles below:


Martina Maccherone Former team Chiara Ferragni, now the head of PR for Westwing!

Barbara Donadio - A well known and iconic Italian beauty and fashion influencer.

Francesca Chelli  - Guest speaker and beauty influencer who turned from coffee (Nespresso of course) to beauty.