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Fraîcheur Paris’s Gold Ice Globes At The Golden Globe Awards 2021

Fraîcheur Paris sprinkled its very own golden touch at the 78th edition of the Golden Globe Awards. Matching the elegance of Old Hollywood glamour, the Fraîcheur Paris’s ice globes were present in the women’s gift bags for the event. The colour of the gifted ice globes? Gold, of course. 
The Golden Globe Awards’ gift bags are curated to include the most exclusive products for the world’s biggest celebrities. Every year, renown brands are invited to bring their unique contribution to celebrate creativity, passion, and excellence. 

1. A golden pair for the ages

Some matches are made in heaven, others are pure chemistry and a sprinkle of magic. Put Fraîcheur Paris and the Golden Globe Awards together and you have all that and more. Camera rolling, action!
Every January, the Golden Globe Awards open the film industry’s award season with finesse, elegance, and class. This year, things haven’t differed, even if the ceremony was held online. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were the fabulous hosts of the event, and they managed to graciously make up for the distance in-between them.
The red carpet was also present, even if it was virtual. Beamed around the world, celebrities dressed up and boasted their chic, opulent gowns. It was an homage to the classical elegance of Old Hollywood. 
Fraîcheur Paris Paris brought its own flair to complement the gowns. Beautifully packed in precious boxes, the golden ice globes by Fraîcheur Paris made their way to the Hollywood finest actresses, producers, and amazing women. Opening their gift bags, celebrities such as Chloé Zhao, Andra Day, Jane Fonda, and countless others, found the gleaming Fraîcheur Paris ice globes and — we hope — grasped our subtle invitation to celebrate their victories through a pampering experience. 

2. Gold Ice Globes, a touch of Hollywood elegance 

Fraîcheur Paris’s gold ice globes contain a glittery liquid that reminds one of Old Hollywood’s opulence. Precious to the eyes, these ice globes are an elegant statement that pampering one-self is the biggest luxury — and we can all have it!
Of course, there’s more to these gold ice globes than a glamorous appearance. In fact, their benefits are even more opulent, since ice globes are known for their impactful effects that lead to skin as beautiful as that of any celebrity: fresh, glowing, and youthful-looking. 
And speaking of old Hollywood, Joan Crawford was a well-known fan of facial ice therapies. It is said that she used to dip her face into a bowl of ice water every single day. For sure, ice therapies and Hollywood go way back. But it’s time for a fresh, more simple approach. And the Fraîcheur Paris ice globes bring class with them, plus countless benefits. They can:
  • Tighten and plump the skin
  • Reduce the size of pores, puffiness, and redness
  • Enhance circulation
  • Brighten the complexion
  • Provide natural headache and sinus relief
  • Refresh and cools
  • Reduce acne scarring
      In the spirit of Hollywood’s glamour, of yesterday and today, Fraîcheur Paris is proud to have gifted some of its gold to the Golden Globe Awards.  

      3. At-home pampering for unusual times

      The Golden Globe Awards have adapted to these unusual times by shifting online. From the comfort of their chosen venues, celebrities joined the award ceremony and celebrated together a year unlike any other. And we all needed to adapt
      It was a year of reflection, recollection and more self-care. Since we spent and will continue to spend more time than ever at home, we need more pampering solutions we can use without leaving our house. With spas and saloons out of our reach, we mustn't forget that self-care is essential.
      The Fraîcheur Paris ice globes have been created for at-home use, without losing the spa-like experience. The two precious glass stems will induce a sense of utter relaxation and plump your skin with refreshing chills. Cast your morning puffiness away, soothe your skin, apply your creams, or indulge in a divine massage with the help of these elegant, magical beauty tools. You might not win a Golden Globe Awards’ award, but you might get a nomination for remarkable, beautiful skin.

      Let’s all be golden!

      We are honored to have been a part of this year’s Golden Globe Awards celebration. With every glass stem pair, we hope to have brought a touch of golden pampering to everyone. Let this be a year of taking care of ourselves, and being more in-tune with what our bodies need. Let’s do it with grace. We need more than ever.