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How to care for your skin after intensive facial procedures: The stylish guide to a soothing remedy using ice globes


Beauty and resilience are the yin and yang of long-lasting, youthful-looking skin. After all, at the crux of the wrinkle-free quest lies an elegant balance between an apparently delicate complexion and the keen ability to fight-off harming factors. Of course, nowadays, our skin is merely alone in this fight against ageing, as countless procedures aid us in our plea for everlasting beautiful skin. 

However, there are some procedures that, while in the long term do us a considerable amount of good, they trigger short-term unpleasant effects. Irritations and blemishes are among the most common consequences. But, if treated right, these can be viewed as a small price to pay in exchange for perfect-looking skin. For the benefits to outnumber the less pleasant effects of intensive procedures, it’s necessary to care for our skin immediately after. Here’s everything you need to know about how to help your skin recover after an intensive facial procedure and how ice globes are your secret ally in soothing your skin every time. Or, how we like to say, ice globes are the icing on the metaphorical cake (calorie-free, of course)!

Identifying potential irritating and intensive procedures

The first step in helping your skin heal is knowing when to act. Not all skin types react the same to all treatments, but being aware of which procedure has the potential to irritate your face provides a valuable advantage. An en-guard attitude will enable you to elegantly act immediately after the intensive treatment and reduce or even completely prevent any irritation. You’ll know exactly when to have your ice globes at hand to ease down the after-effect and soothe your skin to a blissful state.

So, with one hand on your FRAÎCHEUR ice globes and your eyes at the screen, here are the most common face procedures that can trigger not-so-pleasant effects: 

Chemical peels: know for their long-lasting benefits in wrinkle reduction and in treating discoloration and acne scars, chemical peels can be a bit harsh on the skin; after all, the procedure involves removing the top layer of skin cells with a chemical abrasive, to reveal a smoother, fresher-looking complexion.

Microdermabrasion: in essence a manual exfoliating procedure, microdermabrasion gently removes the superficial layer of dry skin. While this is known as a less-invasive procedure, some skin types might experience secondary-effects due to hypersensitivity.

Extractions: Extractions are the fastest way to unclog your pores and bid farewell to the dreadful blackheads. However, since the procedure itself doesn’t shrink pores, it’s recommended that you pair it with a pampering ice globes massage. What’s more, extractions can also cause micro-damages that lead to irritation, leaving these to be addressed by a soothing ice globes massage as well.

Dermaplaning: This exfoliating treatment should only be performed by trained professionals to ensure the safest conditions. The procedure uses an exfoliating blade to remove the top layer of dead skin cells and all the potential extra hair, to leave your skin smooth, radiant and more youthful-looking. As all exfoliating treatments, it has the potential to irritate your skin.

Injections: Typically used to administer facial fillers such as hyaluronic acid, collagen or calcium hydroxylapatite, injections provide temporary and even long-lasting solutions for skin rejuvenation. However, they can also produce skin reactions due to their invasive nature.

Waxing: Efficient for targeting larger areas at a time, waxing is, without a doubt, a useful solution for removing facial hair in no-time. At the same time, it can cause momentary discomfort and its short-term effects can include skin redness and irritation. 

What to avoid after intensive facial procedures

While the above-mentioned procedures have the potential of causing your skin to act-out, you might also be the culprit of an exaggerated reaction. Since your face will be hyper-sensitive after intensive treatments, you’ll need to pay extra attention and protect it more than usual.

Make sure to avoid irritants such as face creams that contain alcohol, preservatives such as parabens, fragrances, emollients, acids and even retinol, as these can wreak a bit of havoc on your sensitive post-treatment skin.

The sun is another factor you should avoid immediately after intensive procedures. On the one hand, heat will have you lose more water from your body and dry your skin, aggravating your irritation. On the other hand, high temperatures are known to open up the pores and produce more oil, generating another set of issues altogether. Which leads us to our next point: ice and, more specifically, ice globes are your face’s best friends after intensive facial procedures.

What to do after intensive facial procedures

Before soothing your face with the chilly elegance of ice globes, make sure to gently cleanse it. Remember to stay away from cleansers that contain potentially irritating substances and go for one that respects the needs of sensitive skin.

Next, make sure to hydrate. Drink plenty of water, because hydration is not only the long-term solution for beautiful skin, but also an excellent remedy for irritation. 

Once you’ve cleansed your face and hydrated yourself, it’s time to cool down your skin with a pampering ice globes massage. Ice is a long-time proven remedy for calming down irritations and soothing inflammations. The cold temperature causes blood to flow away from the skin, having it return with fresh nutrients that heal irritations once the massage is over. In addition, they shrink pores, this way creating a natural barrier against harmful particles that could lead to more irritation or swellness. Ice globes should be your go-to remedy after every intensive facial procedure.

Why ice globes are the best after-remedy for intensive procedures

Intensive procedures can cause a little discomfort before one can reap the countless benefits. However, ice globes can help ease those unwanted after-effects right at home, eliminating the less pleasant part of the otherwise extremely beneficial procedures.

The FRAÎCHEUR ice globes provide an elegant solution to calming down the skin after intensive treatments by leveraging the soothing power of cold temperatures. By simply using the ice globes on the irritated areas of your face, you trigger a soothing reaction from the inside out. In essence, your whole body comes alive and sends a fresh blood flow to the massaged areas. This fresh blood is filled with beneficial nutrients that will speed up the healing process and strengthen your skin. 

Ice globes also enhance collagen production and, besides healing your after-procedure irritation, also contribute in the long-term to your everlasting youthful complexion. In addition, ice globes have many added benefits such as unclogging pores, making your skin more radiant, improving circulation, aiding the improvement of chronic skin conditions, ease migraines and countless more.

Another reason why ice globes should become your beauty tools of choice is their unparalleled elegance. For example, the ice globes from FRAÎCHEUR are jewel-like looking. Made out of high-quality glass, these ice globes have two stems that make them extremely easy to use. Plus, they’ll look amazing on the shelf of your at-home wellness corner.

The most soothing ice globes at-home facial

Soothing your skin with ice globes, in the comfort of your own home, can be a pampering ritual and an exceptional treatment. Start by placing the ice globes in the freezer for as little as 20 minutes and “Voila!”, you’ll have your own at-home iced beauty tools. 

The FRAÎCHEUR ice globes contain an anti-freeze liquid that allows them to stay in the freezer indefinitely and enables you to reap benefits that resemble those of professional cryotherapy. Now, to ease post-syndromes of intensive therapies, here are the steps for a soothing at-home massage.

  1. Gently cleanse your face
  2. Start rolling the ice globes over the irritated zones of your face
  3. Perform circular, slow motions and insist over the areas most affected
  4. Pay due attention to your T-zone to close in on pores and keep out impurities
  5. Repeat the circular motions for 10-15 minutes all over your face for added benefits

You’ll be able to see an immediate improvement with less irritated skin and lower swelling. Moreover, you’ll feel more relaxed and pampered, as taking time for yourself brings joy to both the body and mind. Treat yourself!