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Fraîcheur Ice Globes are the next big tool in skincare

What are facial ice globes?

The name says it all! These glowing globes set on top of elegant glass stems come as a set of two. They are available in a variety of three beautiful colors — coral, blue and white — so they look just as gorgeous sitting on your bathroom shelf as they feel on your skin. The thing that makes these globes different from others on the market is their exceptional quality; they are made of glass, so they are safe and reliable, and the anti-freeze liquid within them means they won’t drip and stay cooler for longer than regular ice cubes. These cryo globes are also housed in a luxe box, meaning they are uber portable and you can get rid of that post-travel puffy face in a flash.


What do ice globes do? 

Facial ice globes have a plethora of benefits for your skin. Unlike other skincare tools available, these magic globes utilize nature’s secret weapon for your skin — ice. Beauty experts around the world have used ice for years because of its incredible de-puffing, calming and contouring effects, with celebrities from model Kate Moss and Cindy Crowford to worldwide makeup artist Lisa Eldridge touting its miraculous effects. Ice works on the skin by constricting your blood vessels, meaning your body works overtime to boost blood circulation and bring more oxygen to your skin. The effect is brighter, more youthful and rested looking skin. Ice globes allow you to do your own exceptionally refreshing ‘cryo’ facial at home without any of the melting and mess of using standard ice cubes. Whatever your skin issue, these cooling globes can help.


They are great for:

-Reducing acne, oil production, and pore size-Decreasing puffiness and lymphatic drainage-Calming redness in the skin, particularly after treatments like micro-needling and facial hair removal-Easing any tension, including sinus headaches and migraines-Improving tightness and tone-Diminishing rosacea, eczema and scarring and much more…


How do you use cooling globes?

Facial globes come in an ergonomic design, which makes them perfect for smoothly rolling over the facial contours. All you need to do is place them in the freezer or a bowl of ice, et voila, they are ready to glide over your skin for a cooling, calming experience! Use them in the morning to wake up your sleepy skin and in the evening to destress and chill-out. Ice globes are incredible to use after more intensive skin treatments to calm and cool the skin and speed up healing, and they work amazingly well as massage tools to work serums and oils into your skin for better absorption. To get the very most out of the globes, you should aim to use them once or twice daily for six weeks. An icy massage of just 5-10 minutes is enough to revive and reinvigorate your skin. Remember though, there is no such thing as a quick fix in skincare--consistency is key! You can look at some of our incredible customer reviews on our Instagram page to see the results of these magic globes for yourself, or check out our shop and Amazon pages for more information on how to purchase your very own set of facial ice globes.