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Migraine Relief and Fraicheur Face Ice Globes: A Reassuring, Pain Reducing Combination

Let us be honest with you for a moment, when we created our face ice globes, migraine relief was the last thing on our minds.  We were focused on how we could bring the advantages of cryotherapy facials to the market in a luxurious, non-invasive and mess-free way — that didn’t drip water everywhere. Or smear water streaks through your make-up when you use your face ice globes to freshen up.

As fans of cryotherapy, we knew that the science behind ice globes would have advantages that can  — and would — reach far beyond beauty and skincare.  

It wasn’t long before we realised that Fraicheur face ice globes could change the lives of migraine sufferers all around the world. To know that we could help people in more ways than anticipated is one of the highlights of our journey so far.  Especially when we consider how debilitating migraines can be.

So we started to look into migraines a little more and found some shocking news.

There Are One Billion Migraine Sufferers Around The World

Migraine is the third most prevalent illness in the world, and the sixth most debilitating, according to The Migraine Research Foundation.  Need we say more?  These astounding figures speak for themselves.  But things started to take a turn for the worse in 2020 with the onset of the global Coronavirus pandemic.

A study by The Migraine Trust showed that more than half of the 566 UK participants began experiencing more debilitating conditions since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic.

While 16% of participants reported that they felt the increase in migraine severity or frequency was because they couldn’t access their migraine treatments as easily as they could before, the remaining participants cited stress and lifestyle changes as being the main cause of this devastating problem.

To counter the issues, the majority of migraine sufferers in the study increased their medication. 25% decided to attempt to manage their stress.

These figures are heartbreaking. In our opinion, that’s far too many people suffering, which is why we wanted to share the ways that Fraicheur face ice globes can help you manage your migraines.  Starting with the basics:

How Does Face Ice Globes Work?

The short answer is cryotherapy.
In a recent Harper's Bazaar article on cryotherapy, Dr. Yannis Alexandrides, cosmetic surgeon and founder of 111 skin, claims that ‘cryotherapy reduces the size of the blood vessel wherever it's applied. Which brings in several benefits like, pain relief, muscle recovery and firmer skin’.

Cryotherapy is another word for cold therapy, which can be applied to the whole body, or parts of the body—like the face— a common application for ice globes or ice rollers. Freezing temperatures are pumped all over the body (in a full body cryotherapy session) or applied to parts of the body (during an ‘at home’ cryotherapy application).  Most people would need to book a whole body cryotherapy session at a spa or health centre, or use a face ice globe to apply cryotherapy to specific areas of the body at home.

While cryotherapy brings many benefits,  It's the pain relieving advantages of ice globes cryotherapy that we're focusing on here in this article, because that's the migraine relief inducing superhero.  But we recommend exploring other benefits of Fraicheur face ice globes too because there are many!

Back to cryotherapy and migraines.

How Does Cryotherapy From Face Ice Globes Relieve Migraines?

Cryotherapy relieves and treats migraines in two ways: first it cools and numbs the nerves when applied to the neck area — reducing pain. Second, it reduces inflammation and increases blood flow which pumps much needed oxygen around the body and also relieves pain.

A study on migraine relief found that a simple ice pack application on the carotid arteries in the neck significantly reduced the participants migraine pain. It appears that by cooling the blood that passes through intracranial vessels (brain vessels) it provides relief.   The carotid arteries found in the neck are closest to the skin's surface making it easier to cool, which is why an application of cryotherapy to the neck is particularly helpful for migraine relief.

But, let's be honest, ice packs are a drip prone, smeary mess, and they take ages to freeze — which is not particularly helpful if you've got a migraine.

That's where ice globes come in, they’re a clean, mess-free and instant pain, and stress reliever.

What Are The Benefits Of Ice Globes For Migraine Relief?

Face ice globes have many advantages; they’re the quintessential tool for applying cryotherapy.  They’re also convenient. It takes as little as fifteen minutes to freeze your ice globes, which is a reasonable waiting time for migraine sufferers.

When you use face ice globes to relieve your migraine, you won't have to deal with a single drop of water on your clothing or pillowcase. That's because Fraicheur Ice Globes use superior technology to create a product that plummets to freezing temperatures but that doesn't actually freeze—which equates to no residue or drips on the outside of the globe, or all over your face.

How To Use Fraicheur Face Ice Globes To Relieve Migraine

Pop your face ice globes into the freezer, and when they’re cold enough, lie down and begin your ice globe massage: Massage your neck area, forehead and temples with your face ice globes.  Also, try massaging the stomach area too, it may help to provide a little more migraine relief.

The application of the face ice globes will help to soothe the tension and stress caused, and compounded, by the effects of migraine, while easing the level of pain you experience.

Migraine sufferers, if you haven’t tried Fraicheur face ice globes to help mitigate your migraines, why not help yourself out and try them at least once?  These golden globes will repay your investment tenfold—they can help you out in more ways than one.  And when you don’t have a migraine, we recommend treating yourself to a de-stressing ice globe facial.

It sounds like you deserve one!