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Our Ice Globes Made It To A Mainstream TV Best Beauty Gadget List!

This Morning’s Phillip Schofilied Loves Our ‘Blue Balls’

We can't tell you how delighted we are to discover that our ice globes recently featured on a UK mainstream morning TV show; 'This Morning — hosted by presenters Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby. 

Our now famous 'miraculous blue balls' as the show likes to call them featured in a section aptly named 'The New Must-Have Beauty Gadgets'. 


"It feels lovely" - Holly Willoughby after experiencing our ice globes.


During the 8 minute feature, the show's hosts discuss some of the best beauty gadgets currently on the market in the UK, and that's where we made our debut. 

Both Holly and Philip tried the effects of our ice globes which left Phillip claiming his face was 'zinging'. Later on in the feature, a surprised Phillip commented that he could still feel the effects of the ice globes.  

“Miracle Blue Balls” - Sarah Jossel, Director of Beauty, Sunday Times


While Holly expressed that she could imagine that our ice globes would be great for helping with a headache (or hangover). The shows beauty expert Sarah Jossel claimed that they were 'miracle blue balls' and that in her opinion they are great for puffiness. 

And that's not all. Further on in the feature, after comparing our ice globes with other related products, Phillip said 'the blue balls are my favorite'. 


"It's Zinging" - Phillip Schofield about his face after trying our ice globes.


Phillip, Holly and Sarah's observations and first impressions of our ice globes totally captured the essence of what they are, how you might use them, and how delightful the experience of an ice globe facial is.


Zinging Effects and a Youthful Glow


Our ice globes do assist with headaches, hangovers, puffiness and more. They are miraculous (even though we are biased) and they do make your face ‘zing’ with a youthful glow. 

If you want to watch the feature, here's the link. Our ice globes are the first in the line-up.

For people who are not in the UK, This Morning is a popular mainstream morning TV show which airs on ITV daily, during the week. It's well known and much loved by many 'Brits' as are the presenters Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby.  

Thank you so much to the team at This Morning for sharing our product with their audience.