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Skincare Expert David Perez Reveals What Men Want …

Meet skincare passionate David Perez, a New York based clear skin expert and Esthetician. In this interview, David shares how his skincare troubles turned him into a passionate and very experienced skincare aficionado.
Trust us. If David's passion doesn't inspire you to step up your skincare routine, we don't know what will. And if you are lucky enough to be on David's turf we recommend you hit him up.
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1. Tell us about yourself, what do you do for work?
I am David Perez, I'm 31, and I currently work for Juice Beauty.
Most of my work involves in-store facials along with private consultations and facials at the client's home. During these consultations, I teach about skincare and health too. 
I was an Emergency Medical Technician before I became an Esthetician, so I know how health and skincare intertwine harmoniously.
For example, staying away from stress will help your skin look its best.
2. How did you get started?
My career began a few years ago after deciding that I wasn't happy in my job as an Emergency Medical Technician - I was trying to please my parents.
So I returned home, knowing I didn't want to return to the medical field, it wasn't for me. But the problem was that I needed to work, so I found a job as a cashier in Sephora, Union Square, New York.   That's where my passion for skincare began.
I would always buy skincare products because I had skin issues, and I wanted to clear my skin. It wasn't unusual for me to spend all night reading reviews and then experimenting with different products to try to help my skin.   But I was missing an important point - I didn't understand that we all have different skin, requiring specific treatments. So I'd try any product recommendation hoping I'd find the answer to my skincare dreams.
Which, I soon discovered wasn't the greatest plan.
I was once sold an expensive product, made for mature skin by a salesperson rather than a skin expert. This product broke me out and made my problem worse, but my 'advisors' told me I was just purging. I wasn't convinced.
Eventually, in frustration, I decided to learn about skin care professionally so I could understand the proper way to clear my skin. With the full support and recommendation of my boss Luis, I eventually went to esthetician school and became a freelance esthetician.
My biggest take from esthetician school is that when your skin is clear, it makes you feel happy and because you feel happy your skin glows.
3. What are your top 5 favourite skincare products for 2020, and why?
My favourite skincare products are currently:
1. Rosehip Cleanser by Indie Lee
It soothes redness and doesn't make my skin feel tight. Rosehip also helps with scars and inflammation.
2. Resurrection Eye Cream by African Botanics
I am also loving the African Botanics Resurrection Eye Cream because it literally does everything! It handles puffiness and wrinkles brightens and firms - you name it, it does it.
3. All-embracing Serum by Odacite
My favourite serum right now is the All-embracing Serum from Odacite. It's so hydrating and clears your skin. It also helps me with razor bumps and keeps my skin plump and wrinkle-free.
4. Prime Revive Drops CBD Glow Oil by Physicians Grade
Prime revive drops CBD glow oil is so good that whenever I use it, everyone comments and asks what I use on my skin. My skin is always glowing because of that amazing oil. It also contains mushrooms and doesn't have a girly fragrance.
5. Exfoliating Peel Spray by Juice Beauty
I use this product twice per week, and it takes off all of the dead skin even around my lips, it leaves me glowing and provides the perfect canvas to allow all of my products to absorb better.
4. What do your clients say about the ice-cold facial massage?  
My clients love it when I bring out my ice globes - you should see their excitement, they lay back and relax, and they love the coldness. 
After extractions, it really makes the skin glow, removes redness, closes the pores, lifts the skin and brings down puffiness. I love this product.
I have a skincare fridge I put mine in, and I'm always advising clients to invest in a set of ice globes and a skincare fridge. Doing so will level up your skincare game.
Who needs makeup when there's nothing to cover up!
5. Do men like facials? Do they care about skincare?
Men love facials!
Whenever men receive a facial, they are always surprised at the difference just a few products make to their skin.
Most men want simple skincare steps, but during a facial, they want everything just like a woman would. Haha, no one wants to look bad, not even men!
6. Is there a big difference between men and women's facials?
Yes, there is a difference.
Men tend to be sensitive wherever they shave, so you have to do things differently. For example, if you apply a face scrub on a man with a beard, you have to make sure they didn't just get a haircut - a scrub can irritate their skin.
Also, a lot of men don't like creams with a floral or feminine scent.   
7. Describe your personal skincare routine?
My skincare routine changes depending on the season but generally it goes something like this:
I use my Rosehip Cleanser every night.
For serum, I use the all Embracing Serum by Odicate mostly, but when I'm working, I use Pestle & Mortar Pure Hyaluronic Serum because it makes my face feel nice and juicy and keeps me plump and glowing.
Finally, I add my CBD drops from Physicians Grade Prime for moisture.
On my days off, I apply some fresh aloe. It's great for calming my face after a shave and for healing razor bumps.
Once in a blue moon, I use the Aplyn Beauty Plant Genius Bubble Cleanser. Since I live in the city, I like the deep oxygenation cleanse it provides.
8. What do you enjoy about your work?
I love meeting different people and helping them take their skincare seriously. I love to see my clients delight after a facial. I love advising clients who have never experienced clear skin and then watching them enjoy clear skin for the first time after implementing my tips.
9. Tell me some of the funniest myths about the skincare that you have heard from your clients.
My clients think taking hot showers all the time is good for their skin, but it’s not. Hot water or steam shouldn’t be a daily occurrence.
This is why I recommend ice globes. A lot of people leave their pores open because of the ‘hot water myth’, and if you live in the city, your open pores can fill with dirt which can break you out.
Cold application with ice globes or water, after cleansing, closes your pores and adds shine to your hair and skin. So I find myself always telling my clients who have redness to put cold water on their faces after every shower.
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