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The Conscientious and Ethical Beauty Choice

Your skin is precious, just like the ecosystem we belong to is ever-more precious. Wellness is not only about looking fresh and pretty, but how our actions and choices have a positive impact on mind, our society, and our Earth. Your beauty regimen may be highly personal, but your choice of product/s is an important way to exercise your social and environmental responsibility, by using a product that has a low impact. Of course, you also need to consider how effective your choice is, but thankfully Fraîcheur Paris has the answer.

Made to Last - Your Best Friend in the Freezer!

Glass is the ideal material for creating this product because it glides over the skin easily and conducts cold temperatures. When you use them on your sensitive facial dermal, they are low risk, but are durable and will be your best friend for years to come. Created with high-quality, freeze-proof, borosilicate glass they are designed to endure freezing temperatures repeatedly and therefore are one product you will buy that will last and last if taken care of.

Chemical Free & Hypoallergenic - Unless You are Allergic to the Cold!

You are only bound to use products on your skin that you are comfortable with. If you don't want to use creams and elixirs that were formulated in a laboratory you don't have to! Ice therapy is age old and scientifically proven, although some people may choose to use these magic ice wands in combination with other products, really you can get by on the fly simply with the wonder of cold skin care.

Although technically there is a chemical antifreeze liquid encased within the glass wands, this helps the wands last longer and be more effective in containing and conducting very cold temperatures.

Cruelty Free & Vegan - Not Tested on Animals

This product is in no way tested on animals and does not directly contribute to the harm, discomfort, or abuse of fauna. It does not contain animal products and is completely animal welfare compliant.

Non-Invasive Beauty - The Exact Opposite of Laser Therapy!

Unlike many other treatments that promote skincare and anti-ageing, using Fraîcheur Ice Globes is low risk, painless (in fact it feels amazing) and does not require an expert. You can do it anytime at home, or anywhere you have access to a freezer. Once you get your globes it is really low cost, and you can achieve real results quickly and visibly. There are no lasers or dermal abrasives, no chemicals, or sci-fi solutions. Only benefits!