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The Fraîcheur Paris Product Guide Odyssey

Whether you like a quick routine, or a facial is the pivot of your daily self-care, adding any of our products – or a combination of them – could just be the answer to simplifying and naturally evolving your beauty regimen.

Take your beauty routine to the next level with ice globes, hydrating and cryo masks, cooling and nutrient rich facial treatments and even masks of real gold!

First - get your home spa equipped!

Home Spa Kits

When you are going to all the trouble and expense to pamper yourself, the application of your products is a very important first step – the more comfortable and the better it feels to do, the more likely you are to indulge in looking after yourself. Fraîcheur Paris has developed a product that mimics the luxury of an expensive spa so you can bring that extra gratifying spa experience to your place!

Our basic kit includes a beautifully soft velvet headband to hold your hair from your face and soft, pure cotton mitts to apply cleansing balms, gels and foam while gently exfoliating at the same time. 

If you are looking for a full starter kit experience, there are combination kits available for purchase to help you really explore the full cryogenic facial experience.

Cryo Spa Experience - Get into the benefits of face ice globes with this ultimate starter pack including a pair of the iconic ice wands and the home spa kit packaged together. Oh but then there is the Full Cryo Spa Experience which also has a three pack of the Hydrating Arctic Biocellulose Masks for the full cryo spa, ice globes plus mask facial.

Add a little icy cold magic to the mix

Face Ice Globes Massager

Face ice globes are iconic because they work, they are beautiful, they are earth friendly and affordable, but also – they are such a decadent treat, and your skin will learn to ask for more.

If you want to get a twin pack, you can choose two different colours!

See the full range of Fraîcheur ice globe massagers.

Cooling cryo face masks

We encourage that you use our masks in conjunction with the face ice globes for the best and most intensely effective cryogenic facials. Fraîcheur Paris have developed natural and hi-tech solutions that will not only nourish and cleanse your face, but also adds to the deep cooling effect that will keep your skin more elastic and younger‑looking.

Try our Cryogenic Firming Peel Off Mask to tone and firm the skin with a cooling effect that generates a deep compensatory vasodilation which helps improve circulation and nutrition. This is a mix and make mask that will peel off when dry.

For a mask that gives you the feeling of second skin, the Hydrating Arctic Biocellulose Masks contain a nourishing serum to penetrate and deeply moisturize. These are a very high quality mask that is made in France and is vegan and cruelty free.

Ocean Glow - Cleansers, Serums and Creams

Hydration, as deep as the ocean!

The philosophy of the ocean glow range is deep! Deep cleansing, deep replenishing, and deep soothing. We recommend these products to cleanse, tone and replenish your skin in conjunction with an ice face massage for best anti-aging results.

The Ocean Glow Cream is infused with pumpkin extracts and active plant boosters which is responsible for bringing a nourishing moisture to the skin, healing dryness. This is a featherweight light gel cream which leaves the skin feeling fresh, healthy, and radiant.

The Ocean Glow Serum contains an enhanced dose of many natural extracts that have a solid reputation as skin nourishing ingredients. It is a lightweight serum that delivers a revolutionary infusion of hydration providing moisturising benefits for a continuous 24-hours.

The Ocean Glow Enzyme Cleansing Powder upon contact with water, this innovative powder transforms into a light foam and offers a natural and delightful skin cleansing and exfoliating experience.

The Ocean Glow Daily Facial Cleanser a refreshing cleanser that includes an exfoliating treatment for a deep cleansing and pore refining experience.

Gua Sha wherever you are!

Power crystals for pure skin

Fraîcheur’s Gua Sha massagers are just the thing for a cool freshen up when you can’t access a refrigeration device to freeze your globes. They are beautifully styled from natural citrine and rose (pink) quartz and are packaged in a sweet little draw-string bag for safekeeping. You can find out more about our Gua Sha massagers in our article Fraîcheur’s Gua Sha Facial Massager is the Gem.

The 24k Gold Standard

Illuminating Gold

Look like a God or a Goddess while masking with the ultimate in beauty facial mask technology. These hydrogel mask wraps contain a host of proven components, but they also have a special ingredient – actual gold particles. It’s said that precious metals like silver and gold could have some impact on the healing processes of the skin, but let’s face it, it’s not just about the facial with these decadent products, it’s about the gold. This metal has fascinated humans for thousands of years and its utter exclusiveness that brings attraction. Using these face masks will literally leave a subtle gold lustre that makes your skin extra radiant – no need for make-up contours or highlights!